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Why Choose EZGrip Graphics Over Vinyl

FloorSignage - Choose EZGrip over Vinyl

The industry is over-saturated with cheap vinyl substrates that have long production times, inferior image quality, have complex installation that often requires heat, requires expensive professional installers, easily tears and wrinkles. The issues go on and on and it's frustrating. Vinyl under-performs and falls short of expectations.

EZGrip Graphics by FloorSignage solves all of these problems!  


Problems with Other Indoor

Floor Graphic Materials

Problems Solved with EZGrip Graphics


Two-part structure consisting of base film + overlaminate or flimsy textured films.  

Single material that has a print receptive, slip-resistant surface with PSA. Meets ASTM slip resistant standards.


When sheeting the vinyl film + overlaminate, the materials can take up to 24 hours to relax and stabilize to atmospheric moisture.

Sheeted, flat and will not shrink.



Must wait for inks to cure / dry prior to lamination while taking up space. Lamination involves additional production time and risk of wrinkling requiring reprint. Not as easy or efficient to print with high capacity UV flatbed printers. Two-part process.

No waiting, print direct to the surface.

Image Quality

Textured overlaminates can reduce resolution, image quality and cause muted colors. 

Non-obstructed, crisp surface print.

Installation & Removal

Challenging to apply smoothly without wrinkles and/or air bubbles. Experienced installers recommended to apply and remove typically with heat gun.

End users can install and remove with ease.


Vinyl easily tears, stretches, and disfigures. Sustains damage by pedestrian traffic, shopping carts, stocking carts and floor cleaning equipment.

15 mil, semi-rigid material is ultra tough; resists tears, punctures and stretching.


Problems = time consuming and more labor to produce, difficult to apply & remove, inconsistent qualities, varying degree of adhesives, inferior slip resistance, and fragile.

Benefits = time savings realized with production & installation, unmatched durability, and overall cost savings & value.