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Applications for Indoor Floor Graphics Using EZGrip Graphics

Long-lasting indoor floor graphics were rarely used in the same sentence...until now. Indoor floorgraphics made with EZGrip Graphics print media allows businesses and organizations to display information and advertise in ways never before possible. We've yet to discover all of the markets and applications for EZGrip Graphics but here are just a few markets where EZGrip Graphics have proven durability and yielded great results.

Floor Signs in Grocery & Convenient Stores

Let's face it, vinyl floor graphics are labor intensive 
Grocery store floor signs
and not very easy to fabricate. First, you must print the vinyl and allow it to cure. In some cases, this takes up to 48 hours. Then you must overlaminate the vinyl to protect the image. The additional cost of a quality slip-resistant overlam, the added labor costs, and the process alone risks damage and wrinkles. After install, vinyl graphics don't withstand shopping carts and can become very slippery when wet. Simply put, vinyl isn't always the right choice...especially when safety is top-priority. 

EZGrip Graphics solves this problem. Our specially-formulated UV printable surface requires no overlaminate. Furthermore, the industry-leading slip-resistant coating performs very well even in wet conditions. Since EZGrip is a semi-rigid polyester based material, it resists tearing, doesn't stretch, stands up to shopping carts and heavy pedestrian foot traffic better than any comparable material on the market. EZGrip is a better choice for indoor floor graphics in supermarkets and convenient stores.

Airports, Bus Depot and Train Stations

Safety Ground GraphicsTransit venues are often over-saturated with directional signage, advertising media and monitors. Until now, no floor graphic material could withstand rolling suitcases and heavy pedestrian foot traffic that exists in these places. EZGrip ultra-tough polyester graphic material allows you to display directional signage and advertising directly in walkways where they're more likely to be seen.

EZGrip Graphics can be printed, installed and can be walked on IMMEDIATELY. No more complicated stencils and no more drying time! Simply clean, peel and stick EZGrip Graphics to any smooth indoor floor.

Safety Floor Graphics

Safety signage is probably the most important element in running a Warehouse floor graphicssafe and well-organized work environment. Using floor graphics as part of your signage solution ensures your messages are much more effective and more likely to be seen than using standard wall signs alone. And because EZGrip material is semi-rigid and tear resistant, they stand up to work boots and rolling carts unlike inferior vinyl material.

FAQ: Can EZGrip Graphics be used in forklift areas?

A: Due to the varying types of harsh warehouse environments, we cannot say that EZGrip is the proper material for forklift traffic areas. The slip-resistant surface is designed to increase the coefficient of friction in pedestrian areas...especially in areas where the floor may become wet and slippery. Like paint and other floor graphic material, heavy skids dragging across the floor will likely cause damage to the graphic.

Consider applying EZGrip floor graphics in warehouse entry ways, exits, path markers, 5S symbols and any area where shipping carts and dollies
will be used. EZGrip is the best choice for these types of areas.